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  26 Nov 2015 19:41 PST Please show you power
26 Nov 2015 19:39 PST Please let the girls stay where they are. This will break me. This is not my responsibility to keep spoiled women. They made their bed let them lie.
26 Nov 2015 19:34 PST Pleas don't let this happen. Good deeds don't go unpunished. It went to far I was being nice and now being taken advantage of give an inch take a mile. pleas
26 Nov 2015 19:30 PST Hey God, please don't let her move in with me. Let another alternative come available. Let the other change their mind. Plz plz plz I can't do this.
26 Nov 2015 10:18 PST god this is john gins god please do not deliver me from my stepdad freddie dunn today on thanksgiving i change my mind
26 Nov 2015 09:50 PST god this is john ginns god please deliver me from my stepdad freddie dunn today at my grandmother house on thanksgiving at 3 o clock pm
25 Nov 2015 12:59 PST god heal me i need peace
25 Nov 2015 12:58 PST god help me in this situation please take action
25 Nov 2015 07:18 PST Can you please make the South Carolina Games beat the Clemson Tigers in College Football win the you are the best.
25 Nov 2015 06:06 PST To the suicide people. Stand strong I've been there. It gets better.
25 Nov 2015 06:05 PST Dear God please let Robert offer IT to me. Thank you
24 Nov 2015 16:23 PST Ive rum out of options. im scared. Suicide seems likely. Help me.
24 Nov 2015 00:56 PST I willingly release my attachment to Dan and release him to the Universe so that our relationship can heal to our highest good. Thank you.
23 Nov 2015 19:58 PST please forgive me for being a hoe
23 Nov 2015 16:10 PST Dear god, please dont let any bad people hurt my family and please let my mom be safe and please come see me thank you for keeping me safe i love you so much
22 Nov 2015 08:04 PST Hmu new fone
22 Nov 2015 08:00 PST I'm gay af
22 Nov 2015 07:59 PST Hey bro
21 Nov 2015 23:57 PST God, help me through this moment of heartache when someone you love is dying
21 Nov 2015 23:41 PST Dear God, please watch over my Grandmother and make her better. She is not doing well at this moment. She is what you want this world to be, LOVE. The love she
21 Nov 2015 13:53 PST I really need you God, please, this message is from Iran, from
21 Nov 2015 13:50 PST O' god! can you help us? please
21 Nov 2015 13:48 PST Help us God, please. .
21 Nov 2015 13:45 PST Hello my dear god, my heart broke today, help me & help to everyone in this site, thank you my Lord.
21 Nov 2015 10:24 PST God please let my dad get what he needs for work and also please let my baby be strong and healthy
21 Nov 2015 00:13 PST Hey God. I really need some clarity right now. I have no clue where the direction of the next step is supposed to be
19 Nov 2015 13:58 PST Hello God, help me & help my friends. tnx
19 Nov 2015 06:33 PST God, you know why I'm here. You know I can't do this on my own. Please. . I can't do this. I'll give it up I'll give it all up. Just please. Help me.
18 Nov 2015 19:48 PST please help me trust that you have a plan
18 Nov 2015 13:02 PST Help me, please lord!!!
18 Nov 2015 07:53 PST Women wanting fisting can take me her place for fisting her with arm glove,I'll even do 2holes with both arms, reach me ( 6184444302)s
18 Nov 2015 07:52 PST Women wanting fisting can take me her place for fisting her with arm glove,I'll even do 2holes with both s
18 Nov 2015 05:33 PST I miss Brittany and Olivia plz bring them back to me. Im sorry for what ive done. .
18 Nov 2015 05:32 PST Please bring brittany back into my life.
17 Nov 2015 17:41 PST God, why do you do what you do? ". .I've got everything I'm asking for but you."
17 Nov 2015 09:19 PST God, please reunite and reconcile my wife Eva and I back together in love and marriage.
16 Nov 2015 18:10 PST hey god, thank you for giving us life
16 Nov 2015 15:46 PST hey god
16 Nov 2015 10:10 PST Dear god, hmu, cant find your phone number
15 Nov 2015 09:02 PST You can take me away now. . I have no other purpose to fulfill.
13 Nov 2015 21:06 PST I'm scared to sleep after the attacks today.:(
13 Nov 2015 17:49 PST God please let me be alright
13 Nov 2015 14:27 PST Thank You almighty God for all that you have done for me. God please may all go well with my drug screen, so I can get this.
13 Nov 2015 09:15 PST you
12 Nov 2015 00:19 PST Dear god, please make so that my vision impaired eyes can see, and that my sadness is cured into happyness. Amen
11 Nov 2015 13:01 PST Father God I pray that I see my father again on my birth day
11 Nov 2015 12:05 PST Lord God please help me with my anger get rid of it for me please Lord?
11 Nov 2015 08:24 PST No silly the other question. Thank you
11 Nov 2015 04:25 PST good morning god please let him ask me today

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