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  24 Jun 2016 23:57 PDT god please help me im running out of time please i beg you
24 Jun 2016 18:55 PDT Remind my wife, wherever she is that I still love her.
24 Jun 2016 18:27 PDT I love him God in Jesus name amen
24 Jun 2016 18:22 PDT God show JJ how much I truly do love him! Please heal him from all his past hurts and show him I really am 100% on his side! In Jesus name amen!
24 Jun 2016 08:49 PDT God what should I do? Should I stay or should I go? In Jesus name amen!
24 Jun 2016 06:33 PDT God I was given a second chance at life. Is this where you want me? In Jesus name amen!
24 Jun 2016 06:32 PDT I pray that the flaw within me to always keep people satisfied and life harmonious be changed. God place peace in my heart and mind. Embrace my soul.
23 Jun 2016 19:25 PDT God need help my cousin in the hospital praying Jaclyn Niles Quinn god send it to u
23 Jun 2016 17:18 PDT Will you please send me Logan Huggins a girl friend
23 Jun 2016 17:16 PDT Will you please let the angels fly down to earth and come visit us
23 Jun 2016 17:03 PDT God if you want this relationship to work out If it is your will for JJ and I to be together. Then please fix it or get me out. In Jesus name amen.
23 Jun 2016 15:43 PDT I sincerely love him God but you will have to fix it this time if you want me to stay with him. I did wrong Lord and I can't fix it by myself. In Jesus name.
23 Jun 2016 15:29 PDT I love JJ with all my heart! I truly do. I want the best for him but sometimes my human side wins. I'm sorry God! Your will be done. In Jesus name amen
23 Jun 2016 15:26 PDT Give me the right words to say to JJ so he understands the true meaning of my words. I love him God! In Jesus name amen!
23 Jun 2016 08:32 PDT God please show me what to do. If you want me to stay make this relationship right. If you want me to go show me how and where to go. In Jesus name amen
23 Jun 2016 07:44 PDT God. Please heal me 100% when I wake morning. PLEASE !!!! I cant be In this anymore. Just a miracle tomorrow whe
23 Jun 2016 07:41 PDT God please help him over come his sexual addictions. He is a good man with a serious problem. Please help him! In Jesus name amen!!
23 Jun 2016 07:15 PDT Lord I am confused. I don't know what to do. I was afraid to be alone so I made rash decisions. Please show me what to do. in Jesus name amen!
22 Jun 2016 12:39 PDT Hey I need girls milfs to relieve my sex regularly ,they need free or pay me and respective and D D clean
21 Jun 2016 21:06 PDT I feel so alone. . please help me lord. .
21 Jun 2016 14:37 PDT Lord, please help me. i am lost. i need you and your help . please show a miracle to save me help me get out this distress. i love u and please forgive me lord
21 Jun 2016 11:28 PDT I wish to become a mermaid
21 Jun 2016 10:30 PDT I wish to become a mermaid a human when dry a mermaid when wet
20 Jun 2016 21:36 PDT Please lord send dave back 2 me vicki so we can have a happy family please.
20 Jun 2016 17:35 PDT I need your treatment as best father who loves me care of me
20 Jun 2016 17:31 PDT Confused! What's going on ?
20 Jun 2016 13:20 PDT God, please help me get her back. I'm trying my best, but I need your power to help convince her
20 Jun 2016 12:48 PDT God, I realize that I am where I am in life because of my own foolishness. I ask that you guide me onto the right back and help me rebuild my life.
20 Jun 2016 01:21 PDT Please don't let me wake up tomorrow.
19 Jun 2016 22:17 PDT I mean howcan you let this happen
19 Jun 2016 22:17 PDT Are you real
19 Jun 2016 18:58 PDT christrumbulljesus
19 Jun 2016 09:57 PDT Hi love god
18 Jun 2016 22:50 PDT Dear god tell my grandpa I said I love him
18 Jun 2016 12:30 PDT I've been struggling with an addiction, Jesus. Please help me.
18 Jun 2016 12:29 PDT There is crime and people in poverty, Lord. Help them.
18 Jun 2016 09:54 PDT I love you so much God
18 Jun 2016 09:50 PDT Can you please help me find my ten dollars😍😢
18 Jun 2016 08:20 PDT How my papa do good
18 Jun 2016 03:59 PDT Help me
17 Jun 2016 17:59 PDT How long so I know what to do, how to proceed? Will my Daddy come for me when it IS time?
17 Jun 2016 13:54 PDT God please guide me to the right path,i'm having my baccalaureate and don't know where to study please
17 Jun 2016 12:09 PDT God help me tomorrow i will start Test .in gesus name amen.
17 Jun 2016 09:55 PDT Dear God please help me so that shreya pal loves me.
17 Jun 2016 09:19 PDT Please make it stop raining please
17 Jun 2016 09:13 PDT Pleas e
17 Jun 2016 08:59 PDT good plz help me
17 Jun 2016 08:09 PDT i love you
16 Jun 2016 15:43 PDT I'm aisha

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