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  24 Aug 2016 18:08 PDT Dear God, you know me. Make people stop being mean to me an people understand im hurting an have someone help me.
24 Aug 2016 15:37 PDT Dear father. . if this is rite 4 me. . if this is ur plan 4 me. . please give me any sign. . & i will do all i promised n godspeed. . ty amen ra
24 Aug 2016 15:04 PDT please give me good health
24 Aug 2016 14:46 PDT Hi God call me 8436072521
24 Aug 2016 13:47 PDT God please make him not show up amen in Moshe rabbnus name
24 Aug 2016 09:25 PDT Lord give me strength and wisdom to handle everything in my path today. Give me words of wisdom. In Jesus name amen
24 Aug 2016 05:33 PDT Dear God help me. I need your healing and yoir comfort. Please help me. In Yeshua`s name I ask it, Amen.
23 Aug 2016 21:46 PDT God help me to find a good job,i am so much depressed, please hear me
23 Aug 2016 21:13 PDT Love love all i need
23 Aug 2016 21:13 PDT Help me lord or give me death i cant bare this pain anymore i love her from last six years and she never miss me once or text me to ask
23 Aug 2016 20:17 PDT Dear father. 2day i pray 4 his health his family & i pray u bless him with all his needs n wants. nuthn but his happiness n godspeed amen ra. .
23 Aug 2016 19:15 PDT Dear God, Please let me get this job that I had an interview for today, this would help us. Thank you
23 Aug 2016 18:55 PDT God please bring that money to me fast. You can make it happen. In Jesus name amen
23 Aug 2016 18:52 PDT God the healing I need to do can you please do it fast. I want a good loving man in my life. In Jesus name amen
23 Aug 2016 15:41 PDT Dear heavenly Father Plz forgive my mom for she did not know she made me sad and forgive me for I thought she already knew everyone is mad at me and I need your
23 Aug 2016 13:51 PDT Dear God. I need you to help me during this tough and stressful time. Im not doing very well in school and my mom is bad. Thank you for this. Please please help
23 Aug 2016 03:49 PDT Dear Father, please help me. Please make me well. In the name of Yeshua I ask it, Amen.
22 Aug 2016 20:25 PDT Dear father. y am i still feeln like i shud contact him. iv workd so hard 2 4get him like he has 4gotn me. he hates me 4 wat & dosnt want my frienship. amen ra
22 Aug 2016 18:13 PDT Please let me be there. 'Tis what I truly want. I would like to go now. Thank you, father.
22 Aug 2016 15:53 PDT God help me get over my neediness and teach me to be independent ion Jesus name amen
22 Aug 2016 11:20 PDT Dear father i pray that i am pleasin n ur eyes n godspeed. . amen ra
22 Aug 2016 11:19 PDT Dear father i thx u bcuz n all my trial & tribulations i have a 100% success ratin. i havent died from all my errors evilness & wrongness. i worship u. .
22 Aug 2016 11:16 PDT Dear father i praise u bcuz u have neva left my side u comfort me n my loneliness u sooth my heart u motivate my spirit & u only want the best 4 me iluvusomuch
22 Aug 2016 11:13 PDT Dear father. u r awesome u r the 1 next 2 none. alpha omega. beginin & end. i luv u thx u & give u all the glory. n godspeed amen ra
22 Aug 2016 05:38 PDT please god you know everything please plz
22 Aug 2016 04:47 PDT Please help me God, why is this happening to me? Please help me to find a solution God, thank you.
21 Aug 2016 21:26 PDT Will please send us Down. Some water and manna
21 Aug 2016 21:24 PDT Can you call 8642850750
21 Aug 2016 19:03 PDT Hello god
21 Aug 2016 17:31 PDT God this woman is driving me crazy! In Jesus name amen
21 Aug 2016 13:41 PDT Dear Lord Shiva, Bless me and Ananya with a long and healthy life and bestow upon me the National Officer grade in ICGEB soon.
21 Aug 2016 13:40 PDT Dear Lord Shiva, Please bless my father Shambhunath Kaul with peace and happiness. I love him very much and ask him to meet me in my dreams everyday. I miss u.
21 Aug 2016 11:16 PDT Can you please send me to heaven
21 Aug 2016 10:02 PDT My god bring me the man who was made 4 me. . weatha from my past or future let him 2 me n godspeed. . thxusomuch. . amen ra. .
21 Aug 2016 09:54 PDT Dear father. my life has changed dramatically. thx u 4 renewn me. . please bring me sum1 2 share this new life wit. & i promise i will do wateva 2 please him. .
21 Aug 2016 02:54 PDT Dear Heavenly father, please hear my prayers. I need your healing and comfort. I feel so hopeless. Please take my discomfort and distress. In the name of Christ
21 Aug 2016 00:10 PDT God. I appreciate all you have done for me. I'm thankful for the beautiful daughter you have given me. I'm also thankful for my family and friends you have give
20 Aug 2016 22:46 PDT God, thank u for all you do. I ask that you work Travis' heart and mind so that he comes back to me.
20 Aug 2016 19:07 PDT Lord please we need your help. You know both mummy and daddy suffered paralytic stroke and im also unwell. Dads friends are cheating and and not returning our
20 Aug 2016 15:39 PDT Hi guys I love you so much could you please please give me an answer if my grandpa was with you or you know if you know but please tell me please give me a answ
20 Aug 2016 15:39 PDT hi Dad it's Jesse I just wanted to send you a really quick message I love you and please tell Mikey I love him
20 Aug 2016 14:29 PDT Make my famliy better
20 Aug 2016 10:12 PDT dear god pls make priya talk to me like before and pls make her accept my request . . change my fate in this issue and give me strength mainly happiness by
20 Aug 2016 10:10 PDT Dear father. . 2day i pray 4 every1 else. . n godspeed. . amen ra. .
20 Aug 2016 06:56 PDT you do every thing and realse my brother to the png camp
20 Aug 2016 06:55 PDT Please god give me canadian visa for the sake of my mother
20 Aug 2016 06:10 PDT Dear Father, please heal me. I am in great need. In the name of Christ I ask it, Amen.
20 Aug 2016 05:18 PDT Please let today be the day my friend contacts me. please.
20 Aug 2016 03:10 PDT God I still love John! I hope I can get over him in time because right now I feel like I will live him forever in Jesus name amen

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