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  20 Jun 2018 16:55 PDT Dear God I just want to let you know that my mom is doing OK I hope that her test results comes back positive in a good way hopefully nothing is wrong with her
20 Jun 2018 16:04 PDT Why do u do this to me? What does all of this mean cause all of this confuses me and make me mad . . please show me what this means
20 Jun 2018 06:38 PDT Please God, allow me to be of service today. Take away my concerns for myself and give me the opportunity to work for others.
20 Jun 2018 03:40 PDT Help me God. I love you . Jezu ty sie tym zajmij ๐Ÿ˜˜
20 Jun 2018 02:52 PDT God please make my dream happen, I worked so hard for 3 years. Please God. Please.
19 Jun 2018 21:38 PDT God, supergirl was talking mean stuff that weโ€™re mean on roblox and other things
19 Jun 2018 01:13 PDT God,take care of x in heaven he will ever be for got in ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
18 Jun 2018 20:40 PDT Please take care of my kids during this time and protect Enoch
18 Jun 2018 20:02 PDT If this is real, God I love you and I will never stop. I love you and your angels! And Jesus, And I love you! ๐Ÿ’—โœ๏ธ
18 Jun 2018 20:01 PDT Hi god.
18 Jun 2018 17:22 PDT My lord and your son please settle the differences between my and daughter they do not need to be arguing i love them both so much
18 Jun 2018 16:23 PDT Can you fix me I donโ€™t want to be gay
18 Jun 2018 15:35 PDT Hello Hello god
18 Jun 2018 08:16 PDT God please help me i want to get skinny and i want my baby sister to be better again and i want
18 Jun 2018 08:13 PDT God i have a lot of problems please help me my das wants me to get all a's and if i don't do that he's gi
18 Jun 2018 08:10 PDT Im so sorry god for me and my sister did can you please help usto not do that again๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.
18 Jun 2018 07:42 PDT Im so sorry god for me and my sister did can you please help usto not do that again๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.
18 Jun 2018 05:34 PDT god i have many problems in the life i am not able to find the reason for it
17 Jun 2018 22:23 PDT And take are of her in her sleep to night
17 Jun 2018 22:22 PDT God,help supergirl from roblox get better help here start to eat again can u plz make it better
17 Jun 2018 11:25 PDT Hi god umm can you give me more luck plz
16 Jun 2018 22:41 PDT God, I feel like ending it and feel useless and like Iโ€™m not loved please send some guidance
16 Jun 2018 15:23 PDT God my face is very ugly and bad looking. I pray that you will fix my face into a more handsome structure. I pray youโ€™ll do it. Iโ€™m sorry about cursing abou
16 Jun 2018 08:05 PDT God, all my teeth is cracked and badly hurt and I pray for you that you can absolutely heal me and heal my teeth and healthy again and I cannot eat everything.
15 Jun 2018 20:35 PDT We can change and we have changed and we will keep evolving to become a better singular race
15 Jun 2018 20:34 PDT Dont give up on humans. We may not be the most perfect creation but we have so much potential and we deserve more chances because every life matters
14 Jun 2018 23:52 PDT Hi god
14 Jun 2018 15:53 PDT Is Humperdoo the true messiah? His bloodline is of Christ. He decends from Jesus' loins.
14 Jun 2018 12:21 PDT God, please tell my grandma I'm sorry I didn't call or reply when I got her text. I love her so much - have her visit me please!
14 Jun 2018 08:28 PDT Dear god please answer my prayer Iโ€™m sorry for all my sins and I hope you can forgive me I am going threw a tough time right now please guide me Amen
14 Jun 2018 07:16 PDT God I'm in a financial need. .u know what I need to get out and for me and my family /kids to be good
14 Jun 2018 02:04 PDT Thank you so much god!!!!
13 Jun 2018 20:34 PDT Is Humperdoo the true messiah? His bloodline is of Christ. He decends from Jesus' loins.
13 Jun 2018 03:08 PDT God help me please, need to move sharpish, can let me win thunderball today, joe amen? ยฃ
13 Jun 2018 03:06 PDT God help me please, Bowland lodge needs to be closed, staff are thieves and junkies Western avenue?
12 Jun 2018 20:21 PDT Why an I here god. .
12 Jun 2018 19:46 PDT I trust in you. I give the things I can not control to you. I give my worry my doubt and all my foolish insecurities to you. I put all my trust into you.
12 Jun 2018 16:20 PDT Dear god help me be a better person
12 Jun 2018 11:47 PDT Thank you Lord!
12 Jun 2018 05:23 PDT Lord , Iโ€™m struggling. Should I go to class or drop it ?
12 Jun 2018 04:47 PDT Please let Jay's pressure washer be fixable and not cost too much
11 Jun 2018 21:58 PDT Dear God ,please help me to find a job .I should get a job soon .Dear god please help me .to get the job that I like and get financially independent and secure.
11 Jun 2018 21:31 PDT God it seems i let everyone down in my life even you, please guide me through in my predicament $$$ is the answer to many of my problems.
11 Jun 2018 21:29 PDT God it is ridis how pricey medication is it seems like i failed you my self and family please forgive me when i cant afford to take care of myself amen
11 Jun 2018 21:27 PDT God i can not go on without my pricey insulin and meds so if i cant afford them then take me home with mo more worries amen.
11 Jun 2018 21:25 PDT My Lord i have given twenty years of my life as a steelmaker if i were to be let go only you can help me stand on my two feet amen.
11 Jun 2018 21:22 PDT God thank you for loving me and my good fortune blessing is soon to come from you and your son amen.
11 Jun 2018 21:17 PDT Well lord mt god if i lose my job its because i was truthful and your plan for me amen
11 Jun 2018 19:12 PDT Please cancel my science final

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