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  01 May 2016 08:30 PDT Thx god i love you
30 Apr 2016 23:54 PDT Please save me god
30 Apr 2016 23:30 PDT Thank you God for saved me , the only one you saw you know every thing please forgive me and change me in Jesus name I bag you , mercy on me
30 Apr 2016 07:05 PDT hi lord
30 Apr 2016 01:49 PDT Respected God , please release me from my sins and give me good health and prosperity
29 Apr 2016 20:35 PDT Please watch over my entire family and make sure all of them are safe, and heallty.🙏😇
29 Apr 2016 06:18 PDT hey god can you tell ariana that im very sorry for what i did
28 Apr 2016 22:18 PDT i love you though
28 Apr 2016 21:56 PDT hi i have a question for you why?
28 Apr 2016 15:41 PDT Thank you God for all the stuff you gave me, financial wise and opportunities. please keep blessing and help me and my parents and other families too
28 Apr 2016 15:37 PDT Dear God, Please release all curses on me and my family, and bless me and my family!
28 Apr 2016 15:09 PDT hello god
28 Apr 2016 12:11 PDT Please help me God , to make decision.
28 Apr 2016 11:36 PDT Why don't you answer when I call on you
28 Apr 2016 09:35 PDT Dear God, thank you.
28 Apr 2016 08:28 PDT Good morning my love & peace, victory my All
28 Apr 2016 04:55 PDT Please lord, I really feel bad about my sins. Please help me one more time
27 Apr 2016 23:44 PDT Hi God, I really really love you, and I want you to protect me, and Sorry for using bad language a lot
27 Apr 2016 23:42 PDT God help me
27 Apr 2016 23:28 PDT I love you dad , thank you for you makes me very strong & Hero , thank you for your wisdom , I need knowledge with mercy dad ,Amen
27 Apr 2016 21:01 PDT Please allow me to close on this house.
27 Apr 2016 21:00 PDT God, first Thanks for all that you do. Please allow me to pass the ecg test tomorrow.
27 Apr 2016 15:41 PDT winning da lottery
27 Apr 2016 08:41 PDT Please God help me. I need your strength and healing more than ever.
27 Apr 2016 00:17 PDT Thank you God father did you saw me ? I am weak like this thanks again if your will set me free please
26 Apr 2016 09:16 PDT Please bless me with this job lord.
26 Apr 2016 08:17 PDT Will I pass physics
26 Apr 2016 07:43 PDT Good morning dad
25 Apr 2016 20:26 PDT Sorry lord
25 Apr 2016 16:14 PDT Hello please help me
25 Apr 2016 14:50 PDT dear god please help me through rough times
25 Apr 2016 14:48 PDT dear God i am having a rough time so please show me what to do i a
25 Apr 2016 09:57 PDT Please help my grandma, she's not doing too well
25 Apr 2016 08:27 PDT hey im going through some stuff rn. just wanted to know if ur still there
24 Apr 2016 23:18 PDT I missed you dad , I love you so much , God father change me to love you practically please
23 Apr 2016 13:53 PDT dios fovor fovor escuchame que se pelee nobio ahora fovor fovor y que biba en mi casa fovor fovor
23 Apr 2016 12:53 PDT dios fovor fovor escuchame que se pelee nobio ahora fovor fovor y que biba en mi casa fovor fovor
23 Apr 2016 12:11 PDT dios necesito que fovor fovor escucha ahora y que se pelee nobio ahora fovor fovor y que biba en mi casa fovor fovor
23 Apr 2016 11:15 PDT Dear lord well by the looks of things it seems like you are pretty busyI just want to say I don't need anything or want anythin if there's anythin pl I love you
23 Apr 2016 11:08 PDT God you know everything. Please have mercy .
22 Apr 2016 15:28 PDT Hi god thanks for letting me live till this day and sorry I couldn't make it to church he last few times but I want you to remember that I love you
21 Apr 2016 13:40 PDT thank you my god you done everything .
21 Apr 2016 09:12 PDT I'm a junior in college, I am struggling everyday with major depression and anxiety. I want so bad to be happy and okay,
21 Apr 2016 07:17 PDT God save my cat he is lost he has an eye problem andi love him so kucj i can even die for him olease give me my cat back
20 Apr 2016 10:50 PDT if he wants to keep the marriage, why he doesn't want to try any more? Dear God, it is so hard to be patient, Could you please let him make a move
20 Apr 2016 10:47 PDT God, you said if he wants to leave, let him leave, if so, can I get a permission of divorce and remarriage please? why he is still not filing divorce?
20 Apr 2016 08:47 PDT Please lord hear my prayers I shall pray for each and everyone of these people that ask for your help and I hope they pray for me to I ask for your help lord
20 Apr 2016 08:44 PDT Dear god I have had a panic attack and I need help recovering I'm worried and scared I'm 17 please heal
20 Apr 2016 03:09 PDT Dear friends because of jesus i became un pure prostitute my total family destroyed tanks lord your are a er no more hopes on you bleddy jesus

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