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  22 Apr 2018 11:05 PDT I have cried before you and show you all the worries I have undergone. I am truly tired you know. I lift my wife into your hand. You know whether I am wrong or
22 Apr 2018 01:51 PDT Thank you for everything on my life
21 Apr 2018 21:10 PDT Lord I need help
21 Apr 2018 09:06 PDT Dear Lord help them heal their broken heart. Love you God
20 Apr 2018 18:58 PDT Unspoken prayer request. .
19 Apr 2018 19:25 PDT Dear God, I love you. My therapist says I have a hole of emptiness. Can you please fill it with love!
19 Apr 2018 05:14 PDT Dear God, Lord, I feel down today, I feel blue. I'm really so sad God😫 words is not enough to describe how sad I am. I don't know why my eyes is fav
18 Apr 2018 22:01 PDT God may you guide for I am struggling and crying
18 Apr 2018 19:03 PDT Fear Lord, bless those who are deserving. Thank you!
18 Apr 2018 18:55 PDT I don’t unferdatnd why people look up to you, this world is terrible and you do nothing about it.
18 Apr 2018 18:04 PDT God can you please facetime me I wish to see you and beg you for forgiveness, please
18 Apr 2018 17:52 PDT God we're is my husband
18 Apr 2018 17:50 PDT Please text me or call me I wish for your guidence
18 Apr 2018 16:14 PDT Kill me pls
18 Apr 2018 14:49 PDT God,make summer get here qicker and make it warm on Friday
18 Apr 2018 09:32 PDT Lord, my father please help me i dont know whats going right now ineed you. I know its you plan and intrust you everything. Help me Lord
17 Apr 2018 14:59 PDT Gpbmwaw&pom
17 Apr 2018 14:04 PDT May you text me please
17 Apr 2018 14:03 PDT What is my favriot number?
16 Apr 2018 22:29 PDT God please help me. Fulfill my wish to dpc. Upto 1 may 2018
16 Apr 2018 16:25 PDT Hi god
16 Apr 2018 15:59 PDT God, can ariah fowlle me on Instagram Again
16 Apr 2018 15:52 PDT and plaz let ariah get on roblox cause I miss her
16 Apr 2018 15:51 PDT God,I was looking the frist time me and ariah talked in 2017 I said men I whish I chould go back so can u make ariah get back together with me
16 Apr 2018 15:05 PDT God, I was looking at the frist time me and ariah on roblox was talking I said I wish i could go back to all the things in 2018 so can u make her to get back to
16 Apr 2018 10:43 PDT Hi god c:
16 Apr 2018 10:21 PDT Zinda ho ya Mar gye ho?? Choti bachiyo ka kya kasoor hai?? Or apke ghr me ye sab hua agar ap hote to ye ni hone dete iska mtlb aap ho he ni. .😢
16 Apr 2018 07:16 PDT Jehova wamabuto ngokuqinisekile uyompakamisela isiswebu njengasekuhlulweni kukaMidiyani ngasedwaleni iOrebi hhey lo amen
16 Apr 2018 06:32 PDT helo God I'm soso relax yu ful oof cowardise bring that sjambok or what from Heaven changes wil
16 Apr 2018 05:54 PDT Hey Jesus. My friend thinks the world is going to end soon. . What do you think about that? You got our back, right? N them aliens dude, they be thinking you
15 Apr 2018 22:06 PDT hi god
15 Apr 2018 21:06 PDT Allah u akbar
15 Apr 2018 15:18 PDT God i got a letter from IRS and i have not pick it up from post office, i feel so nervous. pls help me, i owe my ex wife my two daughters and my income is -
15 Apr 2018 13:02 PDT God!!!!!!!!!! Answer
15 Apr 2018 13:02 PDT God, I need you! Obatala!!!!
14 Apr 2018 15:57 PDT GOD please help me find a fiancée a girlfriend to be with me till the end ijna
14 Apr 2018 15:56 PDT God please help me one last time
14 Apr 2018 14:23 PDT the typer will marry mom's friends, amanda's friend daughter, miss poon, they will meet in this year hopefully ASAP in april or may . the new couple will get ma
14 Apr 2018 11:06 PDT Heyy father can I get three wishes
14 Apr 2018 00:15 PDT Hello Lord, I give thanks for the grace you extend me endlessly, I pray for Kemal tonight, that he would get to know you the living god through our savior. Amen
13 Apr 2018 23:21 PDT Hello God please keep bill saiff tonight please help him make him through this amen
13 Apr 2018 10:16 PDT Helloo
13 Apr 2018 09:38 PDT Hoping you are hearing me and I get the new position at office
13 Apr 2018 07:05 PDT Please be with me, Lord. I need you to strengthen me and help me to heal myself. Thank you.
12 Apr 2018 22:59 PDT God, i wish can go back in time and undo all my mistakes
11 Apr 2018 21:41 PDT She's not interested. Way life is. It just sucks.
11 Apr 2018 18:21 PDT God help me thanks
10 Apr 2018 20:34 PDT Can you keep,a good eye on my dog please?
10 Apr 2018 19:30 PDT What is your phone number

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