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  26 May 2017 00:43 PDT Dear God I really need a good job. Help me please!! Not much money left now! In Jesus name! Amen!
25 May 2017 19:45 PDT Please heal me from my fear of human words?
25 May 2017 08:49 PDT I want to pray for Brandon that he will find his happiness in life and not stray to far away from purpose and love
25 May 2017 08:48 PDT Please send angels down to watch over my 2 sweet little boys. Keep them safe always
25 May 2017 08:47 PDT God please remove the heartache that is killing me inside. Please help me to focus on what is truly important in my life
25 May 2017 03:39 PDT Help me and please watch over Danielle
24 May 2017 21:11 PDT Saul rois is my brain with no Saul in the other side of the black hole
24 May 2017 13:49 PDT I hate life
24 May 2017 12:23 PDT Love you❤️❤️❤️
23 May 2017 20:57 PDT You don,t bring things to you it just happens
23 May 2017 18:53 PDT dear god, please forgive me for being bad at school peale forgive me and my family if we did something wrong please jesus take me with u me and my whole family
23 May 2017 12:38 PDT Dear God, please let my baby be healthy
23 May 2017 11:09 PDT Dear Lord, I accept you as savior. Help me live in of your son, Jesus Christ
23 May 2017 07:42 PDT eat my butt
23 May 2017 07:25 PDT hello there
23 May 2017 07:00 PDT Dear God please help me to make more friends
22 May 2017 21:21 PDT Things you lost is in the black hole
22 May 2017 20:32 PDT Dear God, Thank you for sending Zeva to us. I Hope that you will forgive me for putting her to sleep so young. I know she is with you in heaven and out of pain.
22 May 2017 16:49 PDT Hybdyuhdudgduf
22 May 2017 03:08 PDT I love you
21 May 2017 17:14 PDT If we play the Ouija board will WE go to hell
21 May 2017 09:52 PDT Lord, be on this journey with me, love me, protect me, bless me. . but above all help me to be a blessing to others. In Jesus name.
20 May 2017 20:30 PDT Good afternoon this is Hunter and I have a question who could build me Electric-workshop.
20 May 2017 12:58 PDT God please have his text come through now. Thank u
19 May 2017 08:13 PDT Jesus christ! you're real?
19 May 2017 08:12 PDT What is a black hole like, on the inside
18 May 2017 19:31 PDT Make me matter
18 May 2017 18:31 PDT Please make my crush like me
18 May 2017 16:15 PDT Please help save the endangered species!!!😇
18 May 2017 16:11 PDT What is my name
18 May 2017 16:01 PDT Thank you, God😊
18 May 2017 12:43 PDT play hover fam
18 May 2017 12:41 PDT Please let animal collective play bluish tonight
17 May 2017 21:49 PDT I put Saul Ramos is my brain with no soul in the darkside
17 May 2017 21:46 PDT I put Nickolas I had my history class my junior year is a clone of me as a blood sucking vampire
17 May 2017 21:32 PDT In the
17 May 2017 21:28 PDT They can,t come out because they will knock you out
17 May 2017 21:26 PDT Because the black hole looks like saul
17 May 2017 21:25 PDT Saul I had in my class my freshmen sophmoore iyear is my brain with no soul inside the black hole
17 May 2017 20:27 PDT God help me
17 May 2017 16:55 PDT Dear god I need ur help can u please help me and answer my prays can u please tell my soiled friend Johnson that I love him and miss him and be safe
17 May 2017 15:43 PDT Dear Heavenly Father, please send me a message from my auntie Clara. I am sad she isnt living on earth. I wish I could talk to her and hear her voice again!
17 May 2017 15:40 PDT Dear Heavenly Father, Please give my Great Auntie Clara a big Hug and kiss her for me. Tell her I say Hello and let her know I miss her. I will always love her.
17 May 2017 09:13 PDT Please god get my son in housing let him be happy let me meet his soulmate they fall in love in get marry , I want u to give Scotty the holy spirit to live wi
16 May 2017 16:08 PDT I love you Papa
16 May 2017 07:39 PDT Father God please help me to move out of Springfield , Mass
16 May 2017 07:37 PDT God please don't make them play that track sport in gym class tomorrow please Lord?
16 May 2017 06:35 PDT Dear Father. Thank you for loving us. Please help all who are suffering from addictions. Please give us strength and wisdom. Thank you Lord.
16 May 2017 06:33 PDT Dear God. Thank you for sending your beautiful Son to be sacrificed for our sins. I pray that more people would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. We Love you.

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