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  24 Jul 2017 13:06 PDT dear God good evening i am here again with the same story just wish you can hear me even thou i have screamed louder than the hearing of my closet for in the na
24 Jul 2017 11:23 PDT How do I make my parents proud without tennis in my life
24 Jul 2017 06:44 PDT He Bhagwan, maaru taslu nu combo jatu rahelu chhe-- pachi aapi do
24 Jul 2017 06:40 PDT Dear God, I pray in Jesus name, please bless and guide me step by step to live a happy, peaceful life according to your will. I am lost without you
24 Jul 2017 04:29 PDT Dear God, my husband's in the military & I haven't heard from him in a very long time. Please send me a sign that he's doing well. Our baby is due soon.
24 Jul 2017 02:36 PDT My queastion is to get my mom back or send me with a family named waybe and brandy morrow
24 Jul 2017 02:35 PDT Dear lord thank you for all you done i am sirry for what i have done is there someway to fix this father if you would please take alittle if your time to answer
23 Jul 2017 23:14 PDT i ve been having some hard times
23 Jul 2017 15:06 PDT God can i see heaven?
23 Jul 2017 11:45 PDT O' Heavenly Lord of All that is on Heaven and Earth, please hear this prayer: Help Us!! Help us understand ourself more intimately. Help us discover you OLord!
23 Jul 2017 11:15 PDT Hello god it's nice to talk to you after a while you know scone I used to be up there to and ya I've. Made some pretty bad life choices and I just to say sorry
23 Jul 2017 07:31 PDT Dear god its enough now . . please . . .no more wars . . .mke this word heaven with peace and blessing
22 Jul 2017 22:16 PDT Please please please pray for Mr Bijay Sah please I beg all of you I beg please pray please
22 Jul 2017 16:16 PDT Dear god, I've done no harm to any one. i am very very worried. Please help me I am completely dasprate and out of money and luck
22 Jul 2017 10:02 PDT Thanks you god I love you always and everyone in the world
22 Jul 2017 10:01 PDT God can you help me , my life has bin ruin because I have something in my lips and that is making my life hate and please god can you help me and heal my lips
22 Jul 2017 08:22 PDT please lord
22 Jul 2017 08:16 PDT Please lord please i love you please i love you please please!
21 Jul 2017 22:46 PDT Sir, help me in getting cse in thapar university today and i am gonna change thi sworld forever!
21 Jul 2017 21:42 PDT Dear Lord. Please let my buddy into Heaven. I'm Catholic he is not He hung himself this week and all I'm asking is a fair shake. St Peter, let him in or I'll
21 Jul 2017 17:07 PDT where is my fidget spinner, god, i love you
21 Jul 2017 13:38 PDT Please save me and help me change. Im giving myself to you. I wamt to change
21 Jul 2017 13:38 PDT If you ever get this I want to say Im sorry. Sorry for doubting you. Im sorry.
20 Jul 2017 19:55 PDT Hi God, do you forgive me for my sins?
20 Jul 2017 17:42 PDT Hi God. I just want to know that someone is there for me. I am tired of being alone and having no one to open up to ti yell my problems to.
20 Jul 2017 16:52 PDT Hey god am a big fan all I wanted is to be drafted to a soccer team Tex at any time my number is 647_655_4226
20 Jul 2017 16:50 PDT Hey god its meagin am a big fan all I want to be isca famous soccer player like ronaldo and messi if you get thise Tex please blase me when am sleep
20 Jul 2017 16:32 PDT Hey god am a big fan all I wanted is to be a perfasanul soccer player and be like cr7 in soccer and meat him and play on his team somday
20 Jul 2017 14:35 PDT Pray that i win the sweeptakes tonight & find 💰 and have good singing voice rhaiana
20 Jul 2017 14:32 PDT Give my husband peace , strength
20 Jul 2017 14:31 PDT Pray for financial miracle, & peace and too know my life calling
20 Jul 2017 02:57 PDT Dear god, i would extremely love to have twenty billon united states dollars immedaitely.
19 Jul 2017 23:02 PDT Dear God please help my girls not to be so angry at me. Just trying to be a goid mom, it hurts me so bad, i just want them to love me
19 Jul 2017 19:44 PDT dead god i just need you to help me get threw these couple of days, i just really want this guy back and i really just want him to want me back
19 Jul 2017 13:52 PDT God my name is makari my I please get a heal if i do I will be so thankful
19 Jul 2017 11:26 PDT Is this really you god?
19 Jul 2017 05:54 PDT Dear God, Everyone in your universe cheated me. You accept only cheaters worship and prey but why you don't accept innocent people wishes like me?
19 Jul 2017 05:48 PDT Hello god I feel lost and cold I don't know how to respond to people i am full of darkness I only want the light
18 Jul 2017 09:13 PDT Thank you for being my light through all of of my insecurities and indecisiveness. Praying that you bless us on our upcoming trip to California.
17 Jul 2017 22:27 PDT Please take care of my Anthony
16 Jul 2017 20:14 PDT Heal my heart
16 Jul 2017 19:23 PDT Can you give me a heaven tour
16 Jul 2017 16:10 PDT Thank you for our home, I've ALWAYS wanted one. I love you heaps ❤️
16 Jul 2017 14:13 PDT God please make the world start over tomorrow
16 Jul 2017 13:49 PDT Please god help me to get back to work at Mw Phillips with my best mate vic so we can talk and we can all move on I am in so much dispair please help me out
16 Jul 2017 13:29 PDT Please god I have committed a terrible sin and want to put everything right. I dearly want vic or Carole to contact me so I can say sorty
15 Jul 2017 22:23 PDT hi god. I'm trying to be more grateful. Today I have ppl and things that I once prayed for. So thanks :) plz send me reminders to stay calm and content. Thx
15 Jul 2017 05:14 PDT My father please I'm asking for financial blessings this morning
15 Jul 2017 00:04 PDT Dear Lord this is Hunter and I have a difficult time getting a long with brother and except and Rachel everybody but I need to be saved and show me

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