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  20 Jan 2017 19:08 PST I know you put me through a lot to make me strong. . . .but please give me back my baby Jordyn back, you know how much she' means to me. . i love her with
20 Jan 2017 18:26 PST Hello God what's up its brady
20 Jan 2017 17:40 PST I want you fix my stomach too be nothing inside of me please make it my weight help im sarecd.
20 Jan 2017 17:37 PST Please I want too die with David Tennant right now!
20 Jan 2017 16:35 PST i need help signing out of my amazon account please amen
20 Jan 2017 14:27 PST please let me be able to go over to aidans tonight please
20 Jan 2017 10:48 PST God please soften my friend's heart and have her contact me and I will show true forgiveness and friendship.
20 Jan 2017 09:20 PST Hi god its xianna I really miss u because u guide me
19 Jan 2017 22:49 PST I wish that I didn't hate myself
19 Jan 2017 22:48 PST I wish I'd start to feel loved by my friends and family
19 Jan 2017 21:55 PST I wish I can see angels again
19 Jan 2017 19:06 PST Will I go to heaven it's Erica
19 Jan 2017 17:58 PST This erica
19 Jan 2017 17:58 PST Dear Jesus I'm sorry that I haven't been a good person
19 Jan 2017 17:19 PST Hi god
19 Jan 2017 15:50 PST Text me your phone number or just call me on my phone please I'd like to talk with you my beloved god jehovah our heavenly father our good father thank you
19 Jan 2017 15:48 PST God can you please call me
19 Jan 2017 12:56 PST Please god let my husband benjamin saunders please come back to me please let him take me up on the date offer and get back together with my by Feb 15, 2017
19 Jan 2017 12:55 PST Please god let him message me asap and tell me that my suspicions are wrong and that he is still in love with my truly madly deeply
19 Jan 2017 07:05 PST hi god
18 Jan 2017 21:28 PST #45#the Lord is my sheppatd#
18 Jan 2017 21:05 PST Please give me the things I have asked you for
18 Jan 2017 20:28 PST God I will pray without ceasing. Please soften my friend's heart.
18 Jan 2017 20:26 PST Dear God please soften my friend's heart and have her contact me. I understand now what true forgiveness means. I won't disappoint.
18 Jan 2017 20:18 PST Please let things get better
18 Jan 2017 16:47 PST Idk what to do, I know you are here, just give me an answer. luv you
18 Jan 2017 14:03 PST I love you
18 Jan 2017 13:05 PST God can you help me get better grades and I know your real and I love you
18 Jan 2017 11:57 PST Good God, please help me find my library book.
18 Jan 2017 05:42 PST Lord I want to see timothy box again
18 Jan 2017 05:06 PST Father I come to in nd, father I ND U rt now at the very moment in the very breast please help me to come up with money to get Kiswana into this apt, pls help p
17 Jan 2017 19:37 PST Love you
17 Jan 2017 12:35 PST My God,the King of Kings on the Earth, you have not given me Wealth and Riches on this Earth and I yet believe in You. Why don't you check my Heart?, Is Fulfill
17 Jan 2017 12:01 PST Hello god
17 Jan 2017 10:24 PST hey god
17 Jan 2017 08:14 PST Will I succed with my love🤗Thania 💜
17 Jan 2017 07:32 PST Wish you could give me a hug. and tell me everything will be ok
16 Jan 2017 22:30 PST Will I succed with my love🤗Thania 💜
16 Jan 2017 22:27 PST God thank you for bringing me back to with my ms father deliver me from evil and lead me from tempation provide me with my health provide the funds to
16 Jan 2017 20:55 PST God thank you for bringing me back to with my ms father deliver me from evil and lead me from tempation provide me with my health provide the funds to
16 Jan 2017 20:14 PST Please forgive me god and please straighten my path
16 Jan 2017 20:13 PST Please god forgive me I have done some stuff that is not right. I don't think I should get remorse over what I have done today. You saw what happen today.
16 Jan 2017 19:35 PST Please God soften my friend Lilla's heart and have get reach out to me so I can practice true forgiveness. Thank you God.
16 Jan 2017 14:25 PST Hi god thank u so much for taking care of my aunt can u tell her I love her plzz
16 Jan 2017 14:17 PST Hi god my brother had mean doing stuff be mean and trellen can talk and as him to give a. Gifts because he have been cheated on a holiday girl even and the
16 Jan 2017 14:12 PST Hey god what are you doing to day
16 Jan 2017 12:47 PST Hi god I know I have been bad and I am very sorry xoxoxo love u god
16 Jan 2017 09:23 PST Dear lord please let me see aidan today and let everything be okay again god please
16 Jan 2017 00:11 PST Good please show me the way

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