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  02 Jul 2015 21:53 PDT Thank you God ,for I have found this page, where in . .to express my feelings, my thoughts, my joy, my sorrows and pains and my fears in life. . thru this web.
02 Jul 2015 08:59 PDT Remove lust from this world
02 Jul 2015 06:34 PDT Jesus, i just wanna say thank you for everything you gave to me. I acknowledge your goodness and kindness for my family and esp. my job. Please help me to enjoy
02 Jul 2015 04:38 PDT Dear God, please help my Abuelo and Abuela with my dog Carmelita. She is staying with them this week and is hard to handle so please help her to remain obediant
01 Jul 2015 23:01 PDT dear lord, please help us all to find love and peace in your name
01 Jul 2015 22:42 PDT dear lord, i am so saddened I thought I read here. please bless and help all of these people.
01 Jul 2015 22:40 PDT dear lord, I am so sadf we
01 Jul 2015 22:40 PDT Thank you so much for always guiding me in the right direction father I love u so much
01 Jul 2015 22:39 PDT Thank you Jesus for a wonder day I'm so sorry for this little moments with my kid please help me father
01 Jul 2015 18:51 PDT Please God, keep my mom cancer-free forever. I don't want her to have cancer again
29 Jun 2015 19:56 PDT Can you please make it rain tomarrow
29 Jun 2015 14:48 PDT Hi god it's Sofia. Is there any way you can make me have another sob,
29 Jun 2015 04:48 PDT help me
28 Jun 2015 20:51 PDT I'm so tired of being alone. Please send my husband, so I can have a family of my own.
28 Jun 2015 20:50 PDT God, make ME a house of prayer. And may the fire on my alter NEVER go out!
28 Jun 2015 11:34 PDT Just make this girl to always bear in mind that mArried men never leave their wives for mistresses
28 Jun 2015 11:18 PDT god help Thul to check her life and correct it for if She Continues thus she will face consequences best known by you!
27 Jun 2015 22:50 PDT i love u you are my daddy
26 Jun 2015 20:27 PDT I just want to say thank you. You obviously don't get enough thanks for all you do. Thank you
26 Jun 2015 19:24 PDT Im sorry I question you. .you know whats right for me
26 Jun 2015 19:07 PDT take care of all the people. please
26 Jun 2015 19:05 PDT why when you help people they take advantage of you?
26 Jun 2015 19:03 PDT please dont ever let that dream happen
26 Jun 2015 13:07 PDT I want the new job stable for at least 3 years also. thank you. please help
26 Jun 2015 13:05 PDT please, please. I am begging you
26 Jun 2015 12:52 PDT dear God . I am still waiting for you. if you are justice, loving and caring God. please answer my prayer.
26 Jun 2015 10:46 PDT Nick Montreal jenna
25 Jun 2015 13:40 PDT My dear Father, please be with Fredy. protect him from those trying to separate him from his family. In the name of your Son Jesus Christ I ask this. amen and a
25 Jun 2015 11:21 PDT god please take my family to heaven
25 Jun 2015 05:43 PDT God can u make my phone be fixs
23 Jun 2015 20:51 PDT What should I do. .
22 Jun 2015 20:35 PDT I love you! I know your direction will give me light.
22 Jun 2015 17:53 PDT why are there diseases
22 Jun 2015 14:15 PDT Help me
22 Jun 2015 14:14 PDT Pray Judy feel better
22 Jun 2015 05:42 PDT jeasus have mercy upon me and return my lost strength
21 Jun 2015 22:32 PDT please help meI don't think I can do this anymore
21 Jun 2015 18:52 PDT god can i go to felisha lenett ma
21 Jun 2015 11:37 PDT god send confusion in enemies camp
21 Jun 2015 10:30 PDT Nick and Montreal
21 Jun 2015 09:02 PDT pls father in heaven, and your son jesus. put gunnar back in my life , allow him to see the truth. send him my love and ask his forgivness. and i your forgivne
21 Jun 2015 01:52 PDT Pls help me ask money good wife an cars house children and help pours
20 Jun 2015 16:42 PDT Dear god I am worried that no boy will ever love me for me. In life I only want one thing and that is to be loved pleases send me someone.
20 Jun 2015 05:47 PDT Please let my son George Hunt make today's semi final
20 Jun 2015 04:56 PDT This don't work
20 Jun 2015 04:54 PDT I am struggling with my addiction. . please help me!
19 Jun 2015 18:41 PDT GOD i want to become a successful businessman
19 Jun 2015 17:38 PDT Hey Bud, can you make it a little longer so i can call it big??
19 Jun 2015 17:15 PDT Father God, im asking for a miracle here. Please Lord,allow me to grow a third set of teeth. Thank you Lord.

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