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  31 Aug 2015 21:24 PDT God can you please help me to take all drug house's down? they took my true love away, and i'm gonna get her back, god help me please. in jesus name, amen.
31 Aug 2015 15:26 PDT Go d i know that you are working on my situation, but can i get a sign that lets me know that it's gonna happen soon? i love you our lord jesus christ, amen
31 Aug 2015 08:30 PDT I can make every right by being a good dad. .I just need one last chance to hold them
31 Aug 2015 08:28 PDT Plz bring Brittany and Olivia back into my life. .I'll be a changed man. . I promise my faith on it. .
31 Aug 2015 06:40 PDT Please let my son be good for his mommy today.
30 Aug 2015 21:00 PDT i hope sumone sees in their heart that i love helen n hope i getvsum moneybto hv my knees operated on so the pain is gone n i can marry helen n tk care of her.
30 Aug 2015 09:26 PDT Dear god, please get my family a home that will be fit for us. You see, I'm sick of being poor.
29 Aug 2015 23:11 PDT I smile god i know that you are working on my situation, i love you, amen
29 Aug 2015 19:13 PDT Lord give me the strength to endure all of these wicked men here thanks for ur help
29 Aug 2015 15:57 PDT help me ALLAH. there's no one in this world without you.
29 Aug 2015 14:27 PDT Dear god i would like to talk to my grandma lorraine mckeever and become a famous youtuber
29 Aug 2015 06:05 PDT DearGod, pls help. . i wanna help my mama. . i wanna have my own family. am i askingfortoomuch?????Do You really exist, why do You keep ignoring me. . i know o
29 Aug 2015 05:41 PDT god n dad i nd my knees both replaced can u help me with a income n to gt steph out of the house so i can tk care of helen.
29 Aug 2015 02:10 PDT God forgive Mary and I for all of our SINS and may you please unite us back together again. We shall live forever in ur will together. Can she call me soon?
29 Aug 2015 01:52 PDT Jesus, Please I want You to be Happy w/ my life. If it is Your Will, please Help me with my Plan, for it's not too late w/ my age. Show me Thy Way.
28 Aug 2015 16:26 PDT Oh mighty god let my phone ring once more and hear her voice on the other line, thank you oh mighty god. amen
28 Aug 2015 10:57 PDT God I know that you're working on making things happen right in my life, for the both of us. We will both just be still and let it happen, THANK YOU ALMIGHTY GO
28 Aug 2015 03:16 PDT Thank you for everything that you have done for me, amen.
27 Aug 2015 20:37 PDT i am sivaar son of subburaj all the person in my family and relatives are call be as waste fellow waste fellow waste fellow waste fellow please god kill me k
27 Aug 2015 20:00 PDT Jesus Christ can you please send Mary back to me in my arms and get her off of the drugs and streets
27 Aug 2015 17:56 PDT thank you for making my mom happy. its makes me happier
27 Aug 2015 02:09 PDT God you have proven me you exist when I didn't believe in you. I LOVE YOU GOD. I will be here for you and I know you will be there for me
27 Aug 2015 01:50 PDT miss u dad n i know u liked helen so can u mk me a better person so i can tk care of helen n gt my knees fixed n build herca house.
26 Aug 2015 22:29 PDT if there is a god can u get together with my dad n fix my relationship with helen n fix my knees please. amen
26 Aug 2015 12:43 PDT I love you
25 Aug 2015 21:11 PDT Dear God, please help me from your followers. They have gone nuts.
25 Aug 2015 17:29 PDT give me faith
25 Aug 2015 17:29 PDT heyvi love u
24 Aug 2015 05:54 PDT Jesus pagod na po ako,,,,, parang awa Nyo napo, kung di pwd mga hinihiling ko kunin Nyona poako. . di ko na po kaya :(
24 Aug 2015 05:53 PDT Tulungan Nyo poako pagod na pagod ba po ako. . . please
23 Aug 2015 21:36 PDT God please help erick and I right now things seem so hard we need to get past our money problems please God. Amen
23 Aug 2015 15:28 PDT What should I do
23 Aug 2015 13:07 PDT Dear Lord, you saved me from death when all I wanted was to die aftertaste destroyed our 22yrs. years on and I'm still wishig I was dead without love in my
23 Aug 2015 02:52 PDT Dear god I need your help to I want go praise you and be happy and healthy and have a job
23 Aug 2015 02:51 PDT Hello god
21 Aug 2015 20:41 PDT Father I love u with everything in me and I'm so sorry. For every thing I ask only for your forgiveness please
21 Aug 2015 05:11 PDT I am so sorry God, for always complaining the mess in my life whic i have encountered. With your Power God, i realized that this is just a training ground, to b
20 Aug 2015 19:00 PDT I am high as and you are a and a liar and a thief
20 Aug 2015 14:04 PDT dear god im going through a lot in my life and I am hurting will you help me
20 Aug 2015 05:42 PDT Lord pls take away all the pain im just so tired my Lord, i wanna be happy, pls give the 6drytcombilet me win, and i hope that franc is the right one i promise
19 Aug 2015 10:56 PDT I feel no one cares at all about me. My husband doesn't seem to care. My mother thinks I should just suck it up
19 Aug 2015 10:55 PDT Father please help me. I don't even have the words right now. I'm tired of hurting. I'm tired of feeling as though my exsistance is worthless.
19 Aug 2015 03:47 PDT God please make them receive my letter and answer back to me. also make me qualify to have the budget I want
19 Aug 2015 03:43 PDT I love god
19 Aug 2015 03:42 PDT Dear God please bless me to have baby
18 Aug 2015 23:14 PDT God, please bring my Misha home.
18 Aug 2015 22:16 PDT God can you send me to texas with my family please and my bf
18 Aug 2015 14:10 PDT can. i borrow. a 5 dollar. bill. .
18 Aug 2015 14:07 PDT are you real? how would I know please?

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