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  30 Jan 2015 16:50 PST God, I love you!
29 Jan 2015 21:08 PST God Ihope you can give me a sign of preventing bullying and to find a cure for all cancers I realy want to find a cure for cancer please help me god please.
29 Jan 2015 18:58 PST Lord. Help Ciara find calm and peace. I love her so much. Please bring her back to me
29 Jan 2015 07:43 PST Via charlie
26 Jan 2015 01:01 PST i need you your son is lost
25 Jan 2015 20:48 PST I pray that all my dreams come true because I am special and the life I have been given has made me who I am today
25 Jan 2015 17:38 PST Lord. Please help me stay strong, and tell me what I need to do to get Ciara back forever. x
25 Jan 2015 17:33 PST hey its me again lord I just wanna ask for forgiveness and maybe a sign ,little help I just want to be happy again
25 Jan 2015 17:30 PST hey god its john I really. would use a sighn ,some help I really don't know what to do i haven't been happy for a long time and I know I sin everyday forgive me
24 Jan 2015 22:14 PST Please God help me sell my house soon. And bring lots of happiness to my family.
24 Jan 2015 21:11 PST Please help me be strong for my babies they need me. My heart hurts so much. I need you. I dont know what to do
24 Jan 2015 19:59 PST is this u god
24 Jan 2015 19:39 PST dear god please give me a sign or something to let me no that amanda and daddy aer ok. please dont let them be hurt.
23 Jan 2015 22:46 PST dear God, help me trust my girlfriend again. we are going through some rough times in our relationship, and i truly do love her.
23 Jan 2015 10:38 PST Dear Father today I have decided to release and let go of my prodigal ex spouse Juan Carlos Del Carpio. It hasn't been easy. But you have given me signs and sp
23 Jan 2015 07:48 PST je suis charlie
22 Jan 2015 10:38 PST Thank you for helping me see the light and always being there for me!
22 Jan 2015 09:05 PST i havent children in a year and a half i have been doing my best to do what is right why do i feel invisable to the courts and my children please help
21 Jan 2015 06:24 PST Dear god please keep board of pharmacy inspectors away from my pharmacy
20 Jan 2015 20:41 PST I need instruction and joy please lord
19 Jan 2015 22:44 PST Dear god sukme
19 Jan 2015 22:42 PST God how did you stuff up the whole life thing?
19 Jan 2015 19:45 PST Dear God, please help me get into pharmacy school. I have worked so hard for this opportunity In life
19 Jan 2015 16:43 PST Dear god. Eat and die :)
19 Jan 2015 16:29 PST Eat a god
19 Jan 2015 04:47 PST please God ive been over weight and lonely for so long let me weigh 150 and find my true love very soon while im still able to enjoy life. amen
18 Jan 2015 17:15 PST Hi God. Please stop abortion.
18 Jan 2015 17:15 PST hi god. I would like to live another 70 or so years, but I still look forward to meeting you. .
18 Jan 2015 09:26 PST Dear god please keep board of pharmacy inspectors away from my pharmacy
17 Jan 2015 22:59 PST Father, We need you. It's us your children please let all of us on earth make it to heaven, all of us past, present and future. Thank you
17 Jan 2015 17:12 PST God. Please let her feel my love, and know that we will be strong again
17 Jan 2015 09:23 PST Please help her find her way back to me. I will love forever.
17 Jan 2015 09:12 PST Dear lord. I am very clear that I want to be with my darling Ciara. I love her dearly. We are both acting strangly right now. .and in a way that is not sustaina
14 Jan 2015 14:35 PST god please help me today
14 Jan 2015 08:24 PST Dear god please keep board of pharmacy away from me and my pharmacy do not let them comeback
13 Jan 2015 12:20 PST So you dont actually have a number to text God from?
13 Jan 2015 10:18 PST help my mom she's dying please
12 Jan 2015 20:56 PST your will be done Jehovah , your will be done, i miss my love
11 Jan 2015 16:38 PST please help me discover myself
11 Jan 2015 12:38 PST Hey God, I miss Justin. can I visit him in heaven sometime? I wanna see him again.
11 Jan 2015 12:37 PST Hey God, I wanna pray for these people on this website who are hurting. let them know you NEVER give up. and that you are love.
11 Jan 2015 09:50 PST God please, send me a sign that you haven't given up on me. I'm trying to have faith but I feel like I let you down and you're mad at me. Please, don't give up.
11 Jan 2015 02:37 PST Dear God I need you to hear me. . I am grateful for many things and look at all that has happened thus far has been beyond me. I fell into a funnel and had know
10 Jan 2015 08:28 PST Dear god please keep board of pharmacy away from me and my pharmacy do not let them comeback
08 Jan 2015 17:19 PST 你是如此疯狂地以 为我是神
08 Jan 2015 08:59 PST Dear God please keep pharmacy inspectors away please end my board of pharmacy problem now please
08 Jan 2015 03:14 PST Thank you God for another day. Thank you for everything
07 Jan 2015 17:13 PST hello dear god how r u and now whr r u dear god how is ur health dear plz take care about ur health ok dear and good morning i am ur son narayan gurjar
07 Jan 2015 09:41 PST Dear God please keep pharmacy inspectors away please end my board of pharmacy problem now please

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