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  09 Feb 2016 18:48 PST I am tired of running from you. I'm not going to run anymore.
09 Feb 2016 08:48 PST Thank you Dady . Please help me I almost to give up
08 Feb 2016 23:13 PST Dear Lord, can you please help me grow a pair
08 Feb 2016 18:42 PST Help Tonya cough up the demons. . PleaseGod
08 Feb 2016 18:30 PST i love you god
08 Feb 2016 18:16 PST Lord, overlook her spawn figures just this once - shake her violently to let her know healing is on the way. . Amen
08 Feb 2016 18:11 PST Father God, lay your hands on Tonya - clear her airways, give her piece of mind, shake that demonic germ out of her body. In Jesus name Amen. .
08 Feb 2016 12:24 PST Thank you God father for this day , please change me please change me
08 Feb 2016 09:44 PST hi god
08 Feb 2016 06:08 PST Dear God, please help me with marriage. I'm on the verge of letting him go and leave all our plans.
07 Feb 2016 23:21 PST I love you
07 Feb 2016 22:44 PST Dear God. . I don't know what to say. Thank you, and I need you, and I'm lost. .
07 Feb 2016 22:33 PST Dear god this is john ginns god please deliver me from my uncle myron lee trimble when ever you get a chance
07 Feb 2016 09:17 PST Dear lord can you please tell my love of my life i love her and need her she was passed away on 1/30 thank you lord
07 Feb 2016 08:41 PST Thank you god
06 Feb 2016 20:08 PST God. Please heal my skin and pelvic floor area. So that I can be with my family and friends.
06 Feb 2016 10:37 PST God if you can here me can you let me reach out to my father Lester William bates Jr.
06 Feb 2016 09:18 PST Thank you dad
06 Feb 2016 00:26 PST Please help noel let her know I love her and its OK to let go
05 Feb 2016 14:41 PST God, please give John patience and help him overcome anger
05 Feb 2016 14:38 PST please forgive my sins lord. I will do better
05 Feb 2016 09:17 PST Good morning dad thank you for this wonderful day
05 Feb 2016 09:04 PST please save me from the problems god
04 Feb 2016 22:03 PST God please help me make the right decision
04 Feb 2016 14:01 PST I love u god my name is Robert
04 Feb 2016 10:10 PST Yahweh, have mercy and give me financial breakthroughs. Amen.
04 Feb 2016 07:39 PST Thank you dad for this day I revived your blessing Amen
04 Feb 2016 07:08 PST i love him:(. .help
04 Feb 2016 06:48 PST Answer me
04 Feb 2016 01:44 PST Thank you God help me to repent my sin
03 Feb 2016 21:07 PST Thank you god
03 Feb 2016 20:26 PST God I am not sure if I am a believer, but my friends Charlie and Cindy really need you. .please bless her surgery and make everything ok
03 Feb 2016 20:15 PST God I have faith in you
03 Feb 2016 19:56 PST God please help me
03 Feb 2016 19:48 PST God I love you I hope I made the right decision
03 Feb 2016 08:14 PST Good morning father thank you for every thing
03 Feb 2016 07:33 PST god me hny ka sath chahti hu plz
02 Feb 2016 22:42 PST I know this may because I am lazy, but I really wish I have a more happy and relax life.
02 Feb 2016 14:04 PST the baby going into foster
02 Feb 2016 14:03 PST I will call you tomorrow
02 Feb 2016 07:23 PST Good morning dad , I am sorry for what I am keep doing it , I know give me willing heart to change me pls
02 Feb 2016 07:22 PST Good morning dad , I am
02 Feb 2016 06:17 PST God be with me and bless me with a job please answer me because I really need job please
01 Feb 2016 20:43 PST Make a snow day
01 Feb 2016 19:43 PST God, please help me.
01 Feb 2016 19:41 PST please forgive me of my isns
01 Feb 2016 19:41 PST thank you
01 Feb 2016 16:25 PST Lord please deliver me from the cops that came out to our house the cops have my first and last name and my date of birth please deliver me from those cops lord
01 Feb 2016 07:13 PST I love you. Can you help me by not letting a girl move yet I love her to much.

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