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  21 Sep 2017 10:41 PDT i dont want to die god please help as want my bones back for every plase god and make both of my legs ok bones back to gether
21 Sep 2017 01:28 PDT Please lord , help my mum 't take her from us yet . I beg you .please help her xx
20 Sep 2017 19:40 PDT God, my ex wife after 26 years of divorce wants a back child support and my retirement money, please don’t let her do that to me thanks
20 Sep 2017 08:28 PDT God is bar hum ko kahin pr kise v bank me po ya clerk m nukari laga do bhagwan
20 Sep 2017 02:18 PDT Good morning father and thank you for this day. Please help those suffering with your loving kindness.
19 Sep 2017 19:11 PDT Lord forgive me for my sins. I want to be in eternity in heaven with you
19 Sep 2017 18:15 PDT Pray for Puerto Rico 🙏
19 Sep 2017 18:13 PDT Lord I believe. Help my unbelief
19 Sep 2017 14:23 PDT Pls help my mom god
19 Sep 2017 14:22 PDT Pls make my mom happy god she's sad that her mom died
19 Sep 2017 13:36 PDT Heather pray for u
19 Sep 2017 12:26 PDT My lord jesus please heal my daughter to night to cure her catamyle epilepcy from to day thank you!
19 Sep 2017 12:11 PDT 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111
19 Sep 2017 12:08 PDT give me a dilido
19 Sep 2017 12:07 PDT please dear lord help jaden with his autism
19 Sep 2017 10:15 PDT God i truly need ypu. . I've been looking for you bit cant find you. . please help me!!
18 Sep 2017 18:34 PDT Oh God when is this gonna finish? Just finished with yourself please in an instant. Please do not torture me to death! I'm exhausted
18 Sep 2017 18:32 PDT Oh Gof when is this gonna finish?
18 Sep 2017 15:56 PDT Thank you Lord and please strengthen Porto Rico and the islands from these damned hurricanes
18 Sep 2017 08:23 PDT can you please stop the gay things that are happening in this world
18 Sep 2017 02:42 PDT if you are god text me @ 972-821-9958 i need your help
18 Sep 2017 01:37 PDT God I wish I was gone.
17 Sep 2017 18:56 PDT Thank you father for this day. Please strengthen and guide me gentle away my anxiety and give me your love amen
17 Sep 2017 12:51 PDT Plz help me I need your phone number
17 Sep 2017 10:01 PDT God. Help me. Heal me totally when I wake tomorrow morning. A healing miracle. Like before as my hole life before this. AMEN!!
17 Sep 2017 09:57 PDT Healing miracle. tomorrow morning!!!! god!! heeeelp me!!!!! amen!!!!!!
17 Sep 2017 09:55 PDT Tomorrow morning!! just full healing!! a miracles healing. cus this wheelchair, rigning, microlax and glasses and my damn medicine. just heal me. a fuc. .
17 Sep 2017 09:50 PDT God dammit. i pray and pray cus i know you can help and are willing to it. so i ask for your help. no i beg you. can't stand this anymore. god! when i wake
17 Sep 2017 07:41 PDT Good morning God I hope you have a great day .i love you
17 Sep 2017 06:04 PDT Hi how are you doing
17 Sep 2017 01:28 PDT I just want to say that I miss you , please forgive me lord . I love you
17 Sep 2017 01:23 PDT Father God. Touch Jennifers heart, touch her mind and comfort her that Ron loves her. Bring her back to me oh Lord. Amen.
16 Sep 2017 21:38 PDT pls help my friend dream ab sexy nurse joohorn and mad scientist gun and shownu and joohorn as bears
16 Sep 2017 20:42 PDT Thank you:)
16 Sep 2017 16:19 PDT Father I have a lot of anxiety and I'm all alone. Will you comfort me please.
16 Sep 2017 16:17 PDT Lord I made it back. Thank you.
16 Sep 2017 16:17 PDT Oh lord please with these hurricanes. There is more heading our way. Please guide them out to sea
16 Sep 2017 15:40 PDT Dear lord please bless me and my family with this new car and a better job in the name of Jesus
16 Sep 2017 14:50 PDT I good please bless use to get to the hard time please gid
16 Sep 2017 12:38 PDT Please i need to gett better in life and economy i
15 Sep 2017 15:48 PDT Hi god do you like dantdm
15 Sep 2017 12:45 PDT I always complain and worry and cry to you lord, but thank you for your blessings I'll try not to be such a
15 Sep 2017 11:50 PDT Hello God i need help I'm hurting more lord come rescue and can you give me a new body and soul I love you God
15 Sep 2017 09:52 PDT Heavenly Father I've been having a lot of anxiety these last few days and stress over these hurricanes. There's 2 more systems out in the Atlantic.
15 Sep 2017 06:25 PDT god pls save my kitten, he is very ill, abt to die, only u can do any miracle , pls god pls save him. pls god
15 Sep 2017 06:25 PDT god pls save my kitten
14 Sep 2017 10:51 PDT Hi am I going to go in hell or heaven
14 Sep 2017 08:58 PDT Please help me!
14 Sep 2017 05:56 PDT GOD, pls i need someone to be with, a woman in my life, my kids all moved out

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