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  18 Apr 2015 22:42 PDT deer gud Aaron swore to god and lied
18 Apr 2015 16:24 PDT God please tell me what I should do? What would Jesus do? I need you now more than ever.
18 Apr 2015 14:19 PDT Who are you
18 Apr 2015 11:48 PDT Hi god wanna chat
18 Apr 2015 10:32 PDT hi god love u so much
18 Apr 2015 10:05 PDT help me get rid of my erection pls
16 Apr 2015 16:54 PDT hi god are you truly real if you are is thier way to talk to you like face to face if thier is please come and talk to me and this is kaden. bye see you later
16 Apr 2015 13:50 PDT God please answer all of these peoples prayers big r small
14 Apr 2015 05:45 PDT r u reel
13 Apr 2015 22:40 PDT God I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel so discouraged and so lost. I need confidence in myself but I just can't find it and I feel like giving up
13 Apr 2015 16:28 PDT God, please look after us all and help us to become better people and be kind to one another
13 Apr 2015 16:20 PDT Please Keep my dad safe
13 Apr 2015 11:48 PDT please help bob. . Make his bran scan clear of cancer
13 Apr 2015 06:55 PDT Can you please help me right now?
13 Apr 2015 06:54 PDT God , Good Lord Jesus please help me I desperately need you right now. I'm all wrung out and have nothing left. Somehow I need you to turn things around.
12 Apr 2015 19:28 PDT I need you lord . thank you lord for everything
12 Apr 2015 19:26 PDT Dear God , please have mercy of my soul . forgive me for all my sins. I love you my lord
12 Apr 2015 06:28 PDT I love you lord
11 Apr 2015 17:01 PDT thank you lord for everything. please stay with me
10 Apr 2015 20:19 PDT are you real
09 Apr 2015 22:04 PDT I've sent multiple messages and I don't know if they go through PLEASE GOD show me a sign that you're really there and see this and help me please
09 Apr 2015 14:55 PDT Pray I feel better
09 Apr 2015 11:06 PDT Show me a sign
09 Apr 2015 09:34 PDT I need a new job
09 Apr 2015 01:11 PDT Protect my children and hisband
08 Apr 2015 07:07 PDT i love you
08 Apr 2015 07:06 PDT hi god
07 Apr 2015 15:02 PDT is that azira, s charger
06 Apr 2015 19:39 PDT God answer my prayers please
06 Apr 2015 17:24 PDT i need my friend back please
06 Apr 2015 05:00 PDT my name is coby
05 Apr 2015 19:46 PDT Lord I will praise u on Sundays and when my grandma pray I what u to forgive what I saod
05 Apr 2015 07:58 PDT God thank you for unanswered prayers, some things we just don't need! I've prayed many prayers, and I'm glad that you fulfill the ones that you see EA
04 Apr 2015 22:50 PDT Notice me please, I don't know what to do with this anymore
04 Apr 2015 22:47 PDT Please make Silvia realize I'm not a base person and that I actually Love Samantha
04 Apr 2015 08:33 PDT Is there an actual phone number I can use for this service?
02 Apr 2015 12:02 PDT God thank You for this rest. I don't deserve it at all. But thank You. You are good.
01 Apr 2015 06:28 PDT God please tell me why you did unfair with me. N Richa for everything. Why
01 Apr 2015 06:26 PDT God pls tell me when I will get engaged
30 Mar 2015 22:55 PDT god give me a clue on which way should i go
30 Mar 2015 17:05 PDT God please bring my family , please fix her to see this is where she belongs
30 Mar 2015 16:41 PDT life is hard and I done want to be sad all the time Amy more
29 Mar 2015 19:56 PDT My heart feels so alone. Please fill it with love and joy and happiness and peace. I want to be in love.
28 Mar 2015 10:40 PDT God I want to die
27 Mar 2015 15:54 PDT Hey my lovely father
24 Mar 2015 21:40 PDT Father I love you more then anything!!!!!! 😙😙😙
24 Mar 2015 21:40 PDT Thank you so much father God I'm so blessed because you are always holding on to me no matter what people try to do 2 hurt me you always protect me from anythin
24 Mar 2015 16:09 PDT I love you and was patient like you asked. Your blessings are endless!
23 Mar 2015 22:59 PDT god do you really exist? do you still love me? why you keep on breaking me. I'm totally nothing right now. Please answer me.

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