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  08 Oct 2015 09:34 PDT god help me help help help help I want to kill someone god
08 Oct 2015 09:32 PDT god help Albert he is lost on prostitutes he cannot control himself he is losing all he has becoz of these church loose women save your servant so that your min
08 Oct 2015 06:50 PDT Thank you 🙏
07 Oct 2015 20:46 PDT Lord I prayed that my husband will find and better job and better place for us and the baby to live. Amen
07 Oct 2015 20:44 PDT Lord, I believe in you and I trust you that you will be with me anywhere at anytime. Amen
07 Oct 2015 16:19 PDT Can i get some money by tomorrow god
07 Oct 2015 13:43 PDT I don't have any strength left. You seem far away and quiet. I don't know if I can lead them anymore. Please help
07 Oct 2015 11:56 PDT Dear god my grandpa just passed away. .I was wondering if u could give me a sign that he is not hurting any more and he is not alone . . Plz
06 Oct 2015 19:49 PDT Hi God, it would mean a lot if you'd give me a sign - if it's worth pursuing Ben. I like him a lot. But I don't want to get my heart broke.
06 Oct 2015 17:27 PDT Hey god it's this boy I really like and I want to ask him out but idk how please help me
06 Oct 2015 14:49 PDT God lead my children. give me strength help me hide my tears from my husband its better when he doesnt know im hurt
06 Oct 2015 03:45 PDT God please help violet so that she can support herself and her kids please lord.
06 Oct 2015 03:44 PDT I pray for my husband to get a job that will make it possible for him to pay for the kids studies. mostly Patsimo deserves an opportunity to be educated.
05 Oct 2015 15:47 PDT God there this girl I like
04 Oct 2015 10:54 PDT Help me god
04 Oct 2015 07:44 PDT help me
04 Oct 2015 07:41 PDT i love you
04 Oct 2015 02:48 PDT Plz help me
04 Oct 2015 02:46 PDT Ill always miss them. .I miss being Gosh. .
04 Oct 2015 02:44 PDT Even though she has a new family I still miss her and feel that's she's coming back this time
04 Oct 2015 02:44 PDT I know that its over. .but part of me still thinks she's coming back and we can still be a family. .
04 Oct 2015 01:52 PDT Thanks for nothing! As I expected.
04 Oct 2015 01:46 PDT Where are you? I need a sign to let me know you're here. I need you now more than ever!
03 Oct 2015 21:24 PDT God please help me bring my family back together for the kids Katherine, and myself. Amen.
03 Oct 2015 19:30 PDT Thank you.
03 Oct 2015 19:16 PDT God. .please help all those who are suffering and have nowhere to turn, and are hungry, cold, scared. You have blessed me with more than I need, thank you God.
03 Oct 2015 18:09 PDT Lord,I pray for my family and their health
03 Oct 2015 00:45 PDT Dear lord. Please protect me and cover for me. I can't face confrontation. Xx
02 Oct 2015 20:47 PDT In sorry for everything bad I have done I'm a stupid child I love you so much please forgive me
02 Oct 2015 13:18 PDT Dear God, please let me get into the main draw for this itf. please help me please get me into main draw i really need this. help me shine
02 Oct 2015 12:17 PDT Dear God, you and this ass universe.
02 Oct 2015 07:29 PDT It is in you I find my strength Father God, and I know the Enemy attacks even more so when blessing are on the Horizon. . but Father, Today I am Feeling Defeate
02 Oct 2015 07:05 PDT God, you are so kind, Please create in me a clean heart and renew my spirit with in me. Forgive me. Thank you.
02 Oct 2015 03:48 PDT Please help me get thru this. I need help. I'm feeling very discouraged and weak.
02 Oct 2015 03:11 PDT god help Albert realise that all his Delilahs will harm and destroy his ministry God stop them they are doing iT on purPose
01 Oct 2015 23:10 PDT i miss u dad can u help me
01 Oct 2015 20:33 PDT Help me lord
01 Oct 2015 20:30 PDT Thank you Father for loving me. Thank you fir never leaving me. Thank you for raising me. Thank you for walking fir me and carrying me when I fall. I LOVE me
01 Oct 2015 16:03 PDT Dear God. Please help me get room 216. So that I can do week in this tournament. Please let me play good
01 Oct 2015 15:27 PDT The Yankees will win and that the Canada flights don't get canceled
01 Oct 2015 14:27 PDT I want to pass my math today !80 and above? Pls n forgive me my mistakes
30 Sep 2015 20:35 PDT God,I've just depend on your power and miracle everyday. Thank you so much for finding the access towards the fulfillment of my future career.
30 Sep 2015 12:40 PDT God me and Jonathan love you can you give us are dream
30 Sep 2015 12:38 PDT Hey god
30 Sep 2015 12:33 PDT hi hehe
30 Sep 2015 11:22 PDT That you would help me to forget her. And you still are ignoring my prayers. Why?? Why can't you answer just one?
30 Sep 2015 11:21 PDT Dear God. I prayed so hard to you to send Christine back to me. When you didn't I prayed to you to take me to end the pain. And when you didn't do that I prayed
30 Sep 2015 08:46 PDT Jesus Christ oh Lord can she please call me now
30 Sep 2015 06:39 PDT help me dad

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