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  26 May 2016 10:38 PDT Please God it's not big but my city needs a lot of rain! Thank you!
26 May 2016 05:32 PDT Hello my dear God, Help me please, thank you.
25 May 2016 20:50 PDT God, is marijuana a gift you have brought upon us?
25 May 2016 19:02 PDT Why did u crack my phone ? And please god let me see cj tomorrow
25 May 2016 11:53 PDT God, if you are my father in heaven why I pray and ask for a right person for twenty years and still don't have it. It is so unfair to me! In Jesus name please!
25 May 2016 11:32 PDT Dear God, I have been pray for these for so long and so many times. When could you please make my wish come true? I really want a good husband and kids. Amen!
24 May 2016 23:24 PDT Dear God,I am poor and I am honest and need money a lot to fulfill my have debts grant me enough money.
24 May 2016 19:39 PDT What's your phone number God.
24 May 2016 18:47 PDT Please bring mommy back from heaven to say goodbye and hug me one last time
24 May 2016 14:09 PDT Forgive me God for I have choose You reject satan.
24 May 2016 09:41 PDT I'm sorry God. Forgive me. Thank you God.
24 May 2016 04:28 PDT My Lord Jesus Christ, please bind the demon who is stealing my money over years. Make him return all the money he stole from me. Thanks Lord.
23 May 2016 17:54 PDT Please God give us good weather this weekend. That is all I am asking for. Hot and humid. No rain. Please.
23 May 2016 16:32 PDT Pleas God. Please give common sense to the drivers on university blvd in Jacksonville Fl. They need help knowing how to drive.
23 May 2016 14:02 PDT God my king my everything I want to start off with praising you. Thank you God for creating me thank you for protecting me from sickness and pain. Thank you for
23 May 2016 13:15 PDT Please guide me away from this corporate america BlueCross bull job. Plz give me a better job than bull all the time. Praise God amen
23 May 2016 13:12 PDT Give me the 411
23 May 2016 13:09 PDT Please give me guidance. I don't know what to do where to look or where to go.
23 May 2016 11:39 PDT Please help mom God. Thank you God.
23 May 2016 10:33 PDT God , please help mummy with tomorrow's exam. Thank you God.
23 May 2016 09:43 PDT Lord I have no self worth! Show me!! In Jesus name amen!!
22 May 2016 05:53 PDT You go to hell or live forever with God
22 May 2016 05:51 PDT Make me a channel of your peace. Allow me to express your love and actions through my words and deeds just for today.
22 May 2016 02:13 PDT Sorry dad , change me
21 May 2016 18:37 PDT Have mercy on ,Joseph
21 May 2016 16:49 PDT Please help me through this.
21 May 2016 13:57 PDT Go to John serious about marrying me but it happen soon I'm tired of living in this stress! In Jesus name amen
20 May 2016 18:38 PDT plz do not let my cat did i will sacerfast anything
20 May 2016 17:44 PDT Dear God please help me with my anxiety in Jesus name amen
20 May 2016 10:58 PDT Dear GOD,how are you?u know why i am here,and u already know what i am going to say to you,i want you to bless me and give me strength for the upcoming storm.
20 May 2016 10:55 PDT God,give me the strength to face the coming storm with positivity,i want your help,will you help me??
19 May 2016 21:07 PDT Dear God, please let the miracle happen now, or I may never turn back. But either way I will follow your rules, your will. in Jesus name, Amen
19 May 2016 21:01 PDT Thank you for letting me know that I can go divorce now. a little bit sad that I picked a stupid husband. I was so unwise. im very regret. please guide my way.
19 May 2016 04:14 PDT God please let my dad make it through these hard times and find an even better job
19 May 2016 02:17 PDT O God plz make my life successful by giving a job plz i have suffered a lot in my life.
19 May 2016 01:07 PDT Thank you dad I love you
18 May 2016 18:15 PDT Help me lord i need you do miracle in my life bring saachu back to me
18 May 2016 15:43 PDT Dear god Pray to keeep me save and to find someone in my life love like you know who i like that is what I want in a relationship
18 May 2016 13:52 PDT Please God, I don't want to hurt anymore. I can't take it to keep living like this
18 May 2016 11:12 PDT Dear God I felt a strong since of peace about this relationship with John. If you do want me here please show me! In Jesus name amen!
18 May 2016 10:31 PDT please help me chamundi
18 May 2016 07:10 PDT Edward Reyna don't believe your real
17 May 2016 17:29 PDT wishes
17 May 2016 12:50 PDT God help me! In Jesus name amen!
17 May 2016 10:53 PDT save me God . If you really made me then you have to protect me . Please I am alone . cure me . give me mental protection . Please . Pleaseif u will not I will
17 May 2016 09:26 PDT As i read this page. full of msges to God. i realized. Humanity is really selfish
17 May 2016 09:25 PDT Help me
17 May 2016 08:13 PDT Please God , help me to lose weight as soon as possible, thank you God.
17 May 2016 06:20 PDT God!!!!!!!

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